Customized Curricula

b.e.t.t.e.r. ed guide Offerings - Customized Curricula

Teaching students about disabilities throughout the academic year, reinforces concepts and provides for more positive attitudes towards inclusion. The b.e.t.t.e.r. ed guide team created a Toolkit on how to integrate Disability Studies into existing school curricula. The Toolkit includes a framework for understanding the disability identity and guidelines for implementation. To learn more about our framework, please contact us.

Integrated Curriculum Plan

Based on our framework, we developed lesson plans targeting PK-12th grade classrooms. Our program is designed to be seamlessly integrated within existing learning platforms. We applied various mediums of education to maximize impact. Our three–prong approach aims to provide a wholistic and robust experience.

Other details regarding lesson plans include:

  • Plan concepts build upon on another and reinforced through various activities
  • Customizable based on a school’s objectives and implementation approach
  • Covers various subject areas
  • Vetted by various specialists, including scholars, professors of education, teachers, therapists, and people with disabilities