Unique Approach

Unique Approach – The Three Stages

Stage One: Assessment and Understanding

The b.e.t.t.e.r. ed team will work with your school to understand your current program, needs and goals. It is critical to ensure that our platform is integrated within a school’s current curricula, where possible, to ensure smooth transitions and effective learning.

Stage Two: Content Introduction

Depending on whether your school selects our standard program or a more customized option, we will provide curricula, associated guides and a full-year’s lesson plans spanning various subject areas. Knowing that students learn in different ways, we have designed the lesson plans to include various mediums to reinforce concepts.

Stage Three: Methodologies to Measure Impact/Success

Overlayed throughout the process are measurement tools to understand impact. Our methodologies exist in various forms, including picture/word associations, questionnaires, and surveys. We provide an analysis on our findings and summarize potential next steps.

Empower children to embrace peers with disabilities, in an environment of learning